Work & Identity

I am unemployed on purpose.

To be clear: I left a job that I loved because I was worried that someday I would stop loving it. I knew I wouldn’t stay there forever, and I wanted to be able to look back on that season of my life with fondness and gratitude, not bitterness. The timing was right, so I can do that now: I am immensely grateful.

So now I’m unemployed, and I have been for nearly two months. On purpose though. As of this writing, I haven’t even seriously looked for a new job. Continue reading →

A Letter to a Young Philosophy Student

Dear Young Philosophy Student,

You are living the dream. You might not realize it as you pull all-nighters trying to solve the problem of evil whilst employing excellent prose and incorporating only the most acclaimed source material, but you are. Your job right now is to read, write, talk, and listen, and nothing is at stake.

Someday you’re going to graduate, and like 90 seconds later you’re going to need to find a job. You are going to fret over that future job – is it meaningful? Does it incorporate my glorious studies? To what end, employment?

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