Peace in Our Time

Itโ€™s either terrible timing or divine providence, but as I sat down to write this, the world continues to react to a series of violent attacks in Europe and the Middle East, which ended hundreds of lives, and have left families fractured and cities in mourning. Around the world, people are calling for prayers, solidarity, and peace in our time.

When we envision peace โ€“ that mysterious ideal which so many of us long for โ€“ it usually looks like one of two things. Sometimes itโ€™s serenity or tranquility. Itโ€™s lying on a beach disconnected from everything, totally carefree. Itโ€™s inactivity โ€“ no obligations. Or, in times of crisis, it looks like resolution: an absence of conflict in our homes, cities, and world. Itโ€™s people setting down arms and finally getting along.

But in times of deep sadness and destruction, these visions of peace feel less than satisfying. They are true and good, but in the face of evil our hearts crave something more. The good news of the gospel is that the peace that God promises to us in Jesus is not mere inactivity or absence, but flourishing, restoration, shalom. Itโ€™s alive and active.

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