The Music Post

Major confession: Lately I’ve been listening to Christian music, pretty regularly. I even made the local Christian station a preset in my car.

For those of you who don’t know me, or don’t know me well, this is unremarkable. But I mentioned this to a friend recently and I think her jaw dropped slightly. Here’s the thing: like many of the people in my bubble, I left the clean acoustic worship music of my youth behind several years ago, in favor of musically complex and theologically sound hymns on Sundays, and “secular” music during the week. People who love things like art, liturgy, and…excellence…don’t do contemporary worship music. We scoff at it, and trade stories of how back in the day we loved Hillsong or whatever (“ugh it’s so embarrassing. I had their CD”). Continue reading →

Let’s Talk Bodies

The other day I got one of this summer’s pop hits stuck in my head – Tove Lo’s “Talking Bodies.” Not one to reject pop music outright, I will grant that the melody is catchy. But the lyrics make me feel gross. The bridge is particular frustrating:

Our baby making bodies we just use for fun
Let’s use them up ’til every little piece is gone

This made the hyper-vigilant anti-gnostic in me cringe. Here we have a song, which has probably been heard, danced to, and sung along with by millions of people, making the claim that bodies should be “used” and even “used up,” as if they are tools or objects. The implication is that the body is separate from the rest of the person, and is just not as important. Continue reading →