The Greatest Story Ever Told

Preface: I’m trying to be a responsible Christian adult and read the Bible from start to finish. By now, I’ve read most of it (except for the boring parts), but not in any particular order. Now seems as good a time as any to do what I should have done long ago. Bear with me as I try to muster up the patience to read the Word of God in its entirety (even the boring parts).

Every other time I’ve tried to read the Bible from the beginning, I’ve always ended up stopping a couple of pages in. The first chapters of Genesis have so much going on, and we’re left with so much to think about, that the stuff that comes after, however important historically and theologically, just doesn’t do it for me.

We’re talking, billions of years of history.
There was nothing, and then there was everything.
There was good, and then there was sin.

It’s a little overwhelming for me, and I’m going to make the bold claim that the first four chapters of Genesis make up the greatest story ever told.

This story’s beauty and greatness are sometimes overshadowed by the loud and kind of embarrassing bickering or Christians who are all about creationism vs. evolution vs. faith vs. reason vs. intelligent design vs. whatever. I can think of several dozen good reasons why this bickering is unnecessary, but they all primarily hinge upon the fact that no matter how old the earth is, these first parts of scripture are not only the greatest story ever told, but the truest story ever told.

(That is, something doesn’t need to have literally happened to be true. Truth is way too cool for that).

The creation story tells us so many true things about God:

God speaks.
God creates.
God rests.
God is bigger than time.
God is bigger than space.
God is faithful.

And the creation story tells us a lot about people too:

We are good.
We are fallen.
We have choices.
We are responsible.
We need to work.
We need each other.

Seriously, what more does anyone need to know? (Just kidding – I know that the story gets even better).

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